Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I had another appointment with my psychologist and was talking to her about all the great things happening. Everything is going phenomenally and I should still be happier than I've ever been. Things are just continually getting better; only I don't feel it anymore. I'm content but not HAPPY like I was or thought I should be. She went on to explain that big changes positive or negative are stressors. More over, I'm probably just starting to really process all that is going on. She led me to finally understand that maybe I just need to try to be okay with where I am and how I feel right now; that I shouldn't put more pressure on myself trying to be or connect with certain emotions just because I think I should. So that's what I'm passing on to you today; feel however you feel. Stop trying to put on the face of what you think you should be or how you think you should be feeling. Every emotion is valid, work your way through them for actual progress.