Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gaining Traction

Five and a half years into this and here are a few tidbits; when they tell you to 'protect the noggin', respect that advice. August 2014 I sustained a minor cocussion among other injuries when we were rear ended. With a still healing brain- recovering from a devastating TBI, I can honestly tell you that nothing about that concussion felt minor. I had rebound migraines for 6 or so monnths, my mental endurance went right back to zero; working it back up or gaining it back again is proving glacial. My memory has changed again as have my focusing abilities, and I'm still trying to understand my new settings. Oh and those weak and fledging filtering connections are void and new ones have yet to be put into play. These are the kinds of effects that you the survivor may not necessarily have control in the rehabilitaion of, I won't ever stop trying though. I believe that this is one of the main proving points for defense of my control freak innate nature. Everything cycles, the highs and lows; not a whole lot about your body and health are permanent or substantially long lasting when the main injury occured to the brain. Breathe, you'll get through this, one slow day at a time. Use the uncontrollable or heightened emotions to your benefit by taking an obscene amount of joy from EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING that lights you up inside. Express gratitude everytime, to everyone, for everything; you are not the only one effected by and struggling through this recovery.