Thursday, June 14, 2018


I'm lost, looking to men to entertain me rather than taking the time to nourish my soul or do the hard work on myself. I'm tired and just want to enjoy myself for a bit but the universe no longer seems to want to foster this. I have to go back to the pursuit of my goals and my higher self... I'm just soo fucking tired. I know before the stroke I wanted nothing more than to HAVE to do nothing but focus on working on myself, I just didn't imagine that I'd be starting almost from square one again, this time with the knowledge of just how far I'd have to go. I have come an awfully far way though, even just from the beginning of the year; a lot of the credit I must give to my loved ones. They are amazing and foster growth every single day. I am blessed. Just exhausted, deep in my soul exhausted.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Sorry so quiet...

Hi family, I've been quiet lately going through a lot causing my brain to be more mushy than usual. There's been a hard breakup and taking on running a stand for my best friend at the local farmers market here. Things are amazing though. I've been getting out I've started online dating and put my stroke history right on my profile weeding out people that might have a problem with any residual effects that I'm still working through and guess what.... most adults are understanding and don't have any problems with them. I'm having a lot of luck and meeting a lot of great people. Lots of new friends and some good prospects. I'm also learning that I can take on more than I could even 6 months ago. Regardless of what well meaning healthcare professionals tell us, we can get better no matter how long ago our injuries were as long as we keep working at it and our minds as hearts believe we can. Please do not give up hope, there is always light. I love you all.
Oh and there's also been multiple volcanic eruptions and earthquakes on my island!

Who's to say?

I'm testing my boundaries... learning what it is I REALLY want...

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Friday 2/16/18

Tripped going up the stairs at Kaiser and broke my fall with my head! I'm okay, walked away with a Minnie concussion and possibly soft tissue damage in my neck and right shoulder. All I have to say as I get ready for an ill advised  pre- planned trip to Oahu is; power through, you got this!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Just anotherday!

So here's the aftermath of my day yesterday.  I fought with the stairs at Kaiser and lost lol. I tripped going up the stairs and my head broke my fall.
I'm okay just a minor concussion and possibly soft tissue neck damage. #nobigdeal #imfine #toofunny