Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Am Not Done, I Have Greatness Inside Me

This definitely isn't what or who I thought I would be at 32, but I'm damned proud of who I am now.  The hospital uses my images in their rehab facility and I'm their marketing. On top of that I have major advocacy groups on social media wanting to collaborate soon, I'm getting my message out, I'm paying my lessons forward, and I'm bridging the gaps of communication or misconceptions between survivors and their care givers, or doctors, even friends and family.  I'm helping people articulate what they couldn't alone.I'm helping them get through another day, and soon I will be saving millions with my best selling book (well you know-once I write it, get published and God willing a big reception of the finished product)! I've got a big future, I am not going to fail. I love you. Thank you.