Thursday, February 24, 2011

blessed the broken road,,,

I'm listening to Rascal Flatts "Bless the Broken Road" on repeat- thank you youtube and it's occurred to me that this is what I'm praying for.  People that hear my story, see my progress or that know snippets see me as resilient, strong or even amazing but on paper I am brain damaged, physically and mentally handicapped and now fall into an economic bracket that depend on free medi-cal, food stamps and cash-aid so I am by all accounts a drain on society one of those I used to judge and abhor... But now it seems that things with him and I are on a better track more honest and truly tested having (so far) come through the other side;  but is it too much for me to hope that my broken road has been blessed and finally brought me to the one man that I couldn't run from no matter how terrified loving him made me?

Am I THAT lucky not only to survive an event that 98% of people would not have; but also have him? Can he see me as even stronger and more resilient than we thought before or will I be a drain on him like I have become on society and my current housemates?