Friday, February 11, 2011

White picket fences...

Ever since I can remember I have never wanted the his and hers towels, 2.5 kids, or the white picket fence dream like so many of my peers.  I figured I'd have a boyfriend or significant other til the end of my days but to make a vow? Nah.  Why tether yourself to someone and not again ever know for sure whether they are still around because they want to be, or because he made a wow?  If you'd rather be gone, then go, I'm sure we'd both be better off and happier in the end.  Now I'm not so sure... I have gained a different perspective then that scarred 19 year old. 

I find myself wanting to find my mate; the one that's proud to claim me, proud to have me on his arm, and fall asleep with me, waking to my smile.  But I don't want just anyone, just some company, if that was the case I'd not have subconsciously run for so long.  I want MY mate, the partner meant for me to build a life with.  Mind you, I'm nowhere near being ready for just that but I now know that my wants, ultimate desires are either different or no longer hiding. 

Though I stand firm on the white picket fence, I think I mat have to get a black iron one just to be contrary.