Saturday, November 7, 2009


I had likened my neuropathy and spasticity (common, painful stroke after-effects) to a healing injury; assuming that as time went on the severity would decrease. I'm finding that while my cognitive and motor functions continue to improve with work and time passed by, my overall (or baseline)pain level increases and conversely my energy or endurance levels are dropping radically. Is it stress? Is it still my body getting used to my seizure medicine? Is it a combination of things? Is this a sign of something bigger? Should I be concerened? Oh, yeah you're right I SHOULD ask my doctors. I have,and no one can give me an answer. Every brain, brain injury, path to recovery are akin to snowflakes. Completely unique, no two alike... wow, getting this out in a way that makes some kind of sense made my head hurt. Naptime lol